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Kokum Butter

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Kokum Butter, from India, is prized for its essential fatty acid content. One of the most balanced, of all the botanicals, it is the perfect addition to all of your bath and body lotions, creams and butter blends.

Kokum Butter is one of the hardest of the natural butters, with a complex of oleic, palmitic, and stearic acid content, it's a great addition to products where you'd like to reduce, or avoid, straight fatty acids for better label appeal.

Kokum Butter is well known for it's emollient, and regenerative, properties making it one of the best choices for damaged skin preparations. One of the most useful butters for inflamed skin preparations and enhanced barrier formation due to the high level of stearic-oleic fatty acids.

Kokum Butter, in formulation, is high enough in fatty acids to improve emulsion stability and offer thickness without stiffness. Perfect for all of your bath and body products.

In hair care Kokum Butter can help to provide essential nutrients to the follicle and scalp, without weighing down the hair.


  • nurtures damaged skin
  • soothes inflammed skin
  • provides a supple skin feel
  • emulsion stabilizer and thickener
  • improved barrier for natural hydration


  • creams and lotions: 2 to 3%
  • salves and balms: 10 to 20%
  • water in oil (w/o) body butters and creams: 3 to 8%
  • conditioners: 1 to 2%


  • dry skin therapy
  • inflamed skin treatments
  • hair conditioners
  • body creams, lotions, butters


Appearance: Off White / Brittle / Butter / Fat Shavings
Odor: Characteristic / Fatty
Solubility: Oil Miscible
Storage: Tightly Sealed / Protected from Heat / Light
Shelf: 24 Months Properly Handled / Stored


Kokum Butter, along with Cocoa and Cupuacu Butters, is one of the best butters to use for balms, and salves due to their more brittle texture. This helps to create the ever popular gelled texture. Try adding 10% Kokum Butter, and 10% Cupuacu Butter, to your favorite oil blend and you'll have the perfect salve.


All butters should be handled, and stored, with the same, preventative, care that you would use for your oils or any other precious material as they are just as fragile.

As we know that excessive, and repeated exposure to, heat is damaging to the quality, of the butters, we do not heat them to pour them into jars for shipping. All of our butters are scraped, shaved or scooped, as needed to package them into jars, without applying heat. Because of this practice butters will always be packed into a container that is, roughly twice the size, of the melted butter. This means that if you order 16oz (1lb) of shea butter it will be packed into a 32oz (2lb) container as it requires twice the space. We would rather spend a little more for the package, in this case, than jeopardize the integrity, and quality, of the butter. If you receive your butter in a warmed condition, due to transit, the container will appear to be less than full. This is normal, and expected, as they are packaged by weight, not by volume.

INCI: Garcinia indica (Kokum) Butter

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