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Liquid Silk - Oil Free Lotion

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Liquid Silk - Oil Free Lotion:

This extra light lotion is perfect for those who hate a greasy feel. You won't believe the silky texture of this super easy formula and it contains no oil. Jojoba is a waxy ester and not an oil at all. Basic ingredients, detailed instructions, plus easy procedure gives this formula a skill level of Beginner.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
85.6% Purified Water
3% Glycerin
Phase B
2.4% Emulsifying Wax (E-Wax)
2% Jojoba Oil
2% Cetyl Esters
2% Alkyl Esters
Phase C
1% WheatPro Plus
1% LiquaPar PE
1% Essential Oil of choice


1. Heat Phase A to 170F. Mix well
2. Heat Phase B to 170 and combine with Phase A with a stick blender.

3. Let cool to 110 degrees and then add Phase C and mix well.

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