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MEN'S COLOGNE BLEND:: from the Ingredients To Die For essential oil recipes collection ... combine the essential oils and add to your favorite cologne base, or the Ingredients To Die For Cologne Base, and let it brew for a few weeks so that any essential oil recipes can develop and 'synergize'... MEN'S COLOGNE BLENDmay also be added to, complimentary, base products at up to 1% (8 drops per ounce) ... the fragrance of MEN'S COLOGNE BLEND is fresh and earthy (don't let the citrus oils scare you away) . You can also just add this, or your favorite, essential oil recipes, to one ounce of alcohol, or any water base, for a lighter spray / mist. The essential oil recipes below, if added to one ounce of alcohol or water, will be a 6% dilution so application to the whole body would not be appropriate.

18 Grapefruit Red
12 Orange Steam Distilled
10 Sandalwood Australian
7 Geranium Egypt
4 Monarda
4 Patchouli Dark
3 Myrhh
3 Coriander
3 Vanilla CO2
2 Oakmoss Absolute

NOTE:: Proportions in any Essential Oil Recipes are only suggestions and you may alter them to suit your taste, or budget. Keep in mind that to maintain the basic fragrance, and stability, of the Essential Oil Recipes, you should keep the ratios similar, substituting base notes for base notes, middle notes for middle, and so on ...

Note:: Product formulations are included as illustrative examples only. Ingredients To Die For makes no representation or warranty concerning the efficacy, safety, or reliability of any product manufactured using such formulations. All statements concerning the possible use of materials available from Ingredients To Die For are for research purposes only. Ingredients To Die For is not responsible for the end use of materials sold.

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