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Sleek Strands Colorsafe Shampoo Recipe

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This beautiful gel shampoo offers shine and excellent conditioning properties. Supermild Surfactant Blend and Coco-Betaine offer naturally derived cleansing properties, while Panthenol strengthens hair. Guar Conditioner gives the shampoo glide, and offers cationic conditioning without buildup. PDM 20 boosts shine, and Wheat Protein adds natural lipids while smoothing the cuticle. Carbomer thickens the formula, and it's viscosity is not affected by fragrance or essential oils. Suttocide neutralizes the Carbomer and preserves the product. Tetrasodium EDTA removes hard water buildup in hair. This product is colorsafe due to our use of the mildest surfactants, omission of any alcohols, and a perfect pH of 5.5. This formula has a skill level of Experienced.


Phase A
29.6% Purified Water
0.9% Carbomer 940
Phase B
20% Water
0.5% Guar Conditioner
0.5% Dl Panthenol
Phase C
30% Sulfoacetate/Sulfosuccinate Blend
10% Cocamidopropyl Betaine
2% PDM20
Phase D
5% WheatPro Plus
1% Suttocide A
0.5% Tetrasodium EDTA


1. Combine A, and allow 1 hour to hydrate.
2. In B, dissolve Pathenal in cold water. While mixing pour Guar into water, allow 30 minutes for hydration.
3. Combine A & B with mixing when adequately hydrated.
4. Combine C and add to A/B.
5. Add D to the formulation slowly, while mixing.

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