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Slipfinity™ Massage Cream

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Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
58% Distilled Water or Purified Water
0.5% Guar
0.5% PolyQuat-10LR
Phase B
3.5% BTMS Emulsifying Conditioner
2.5% Cetearyl Alcohol 30/70
20% Wacker-Belsil CM1000
10% Cyclomethicone
3% EsterSilk
Phase C
1% Optiphen Plus
1% Essential Oil of choice


1. In A, combine Guar and Polyquat Powders.
2. Sprinkle combined powders into room temp water with good agitation.
3. Hydrate for 60 minutes.
4. Once hydrated, heat A to about 140F.
5. Combine B with mixing, heat to 170F.
6. Pour B into A slowly while mixing (high shear).
7. Return mixture to 170F and maintain for 20 minutes, mixing occasionally.
8. When cooled to 110F, add C with good mixing.

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