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Special Order Documentation

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Special Order Documentation: This pertains to any documentation that Ingredients To Die For needs to fill out for your company that is not a standard document that we provide. The completion of special order documentation is determined on a case by case basis. In all cases, and without exception, the documents required must comply with the Ingredients To Die For Terms and Conditions as well as the manufacturer's Terms and Conditions. Please contact us first to make sure it is something that we could fill out for your company. Under no circumstance is this a guarantee to complete the documentation requested. If we start looking into the documentation and determine that we are not able to complete it due to requested information requiring a violation of the Ingredients To Die For or manufacturer's Terms and Conditions then all documentation fees except for one will be refunded.

An example of something that would require special order documentation services would be your need to have us complete special documents for any certifications that are specific to your company. Please see our FAQ for more specific details regarding documents provided as a normal part of operating procedures.

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