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Strong Strand Creme Rinse

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Strong Strand Creme Rinse::


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
67% Purified Water
0.5% Guar Conditioner
0.5% Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
Phase B
23.5% Water
2% Organicals Fruit Renewal
3% BTMS Conditioner
1.5% VegeMink
1% PDM 20
Phase C
1% LiquaPar PE


1. In A, combine Guar & Vena Powders.
2. Sprinkle combined powders into room temp water with good high shear mixing.
3. Allow 45 minutes hydration.
4. Meanwhile, Combine B with mixing. Heat to 170F. Mix until dissolved.
6. Pour A into B with high shear mixing. .
7. When cooled to 122F, add C and mix well.

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