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VegeCide is the answer to our most frequent customer request, an oil soluble, natural, preservative. Our customers asked for it and we are happy to deliver VegeCide, a 100% vegetable derived natural preservative that is oil soluble.

VegeCide is perfect for your preservative free cosmetics and anhydrous products. VegeCide has no petro chemicals and is approved for inclusion in most natural standards...VegeCide is a natural preservative crafted from high purity, renewable sources, of caprylic and undecylenic fatty acids.

We searched high, and low, to bring you a natural preservative for use in oil based products so that you can preserve your oil blends, salves and balms, and scrubs. Now we have it all, and so can you. Every product that you make can now be preserved naturally.

VegeCide is a 100% vegetable derived natural preservative alternative* suitable for all of your manufacturing applications where water content is minimal. Because it is made with fatty acids it also provides emollience, serves as a co emulsifier to stabilizes your emulsions and offers effective re-fatting activity.

VegeCide is also extremely easy to use. It may be incorporated into the oil or water phase, at any temperature. If this product is stored cool it may become a soft solid, you can re-liquefy by hot water bath or gentle, low, heat.


Appearance: Liquid to Semi Solid (Depending on Temperature)
Odor: Characteristic Fatty
Solubility: Water / Oil
Storage: Cool, Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Freezing
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled


  • 1.0 to 1.5%
  • added to oil / water phase at any point
  • compatible with all cosmetic ingredients
  • no special pH requirements when used in oil products
  • when used in emulsions, or other water based products, maintain final below 5.0
  • VegeCide may cause the emulsion to thin, additional thickeners or, higher melt point thickeners may be used to prevent viscosity impact


  • scrubs
  • oils blends
  • body mists *
  • lotions / creams *
  • shampoos / cleansers *
  • balms, salves, pomades

TIP: because this ingredient is a penetration enhancer we recommend that it only be used with natural, skin safe, ingredients as it may enhance the penetration levels of other ingredients, as well. We do NOT advise the use of cosmetic chemicals that are approved for use only because they do not penetrate the skin when used in products.

* VegeCide is a preservative alternative, not a regulated preservative. When used to preserve emulsions, or water based products, it is crucial that you employ hurdle technology. It is also important that you run extensive testing, beyond your normal testing, to make sure that it is effective in your application and to determine shelf life.

INCI:Glyceryl Monocaprylate (and) Glyceryl Monoundecylenate

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