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Ingredients To Die For is a family owned, and operated, wholesale supplier of personal care ingredients and bases

We offer standard commodities, as well as premium alternatives, for the production, of the full range, of bath, body, hair, and skin, care products with a focus on plant based, natural, ingredients for the production of petro, paraben, formaldehyde, artificial color and fragrance, free products.


At Ingredients To Die For our emphasis is on botanical extracts, and actives, necessary to attract the discerning eye of today’s educated consumer, where one of our main commitments is to research, and development, so that we may offer our customers cutting edge technology, and ingredients that perform, while delivering real results oriented products.



We also understand that sometimes you have the product to sell, and the customers to sell it to, but, don’t have the facility, or the staff, to produce the product.  Our Private Label, and Contract Manufacturing, Division can help with that too.  Our capabilities can handle the entire process of getting your product ready for sale, where all you have to do is receive it, sell it, and deliver it to your customer.  The reality of producing a great product, or product line, is that it will become difficult to grow your business, as you reach the point where all your time is invested in producing your product and you no longer have the time to get out there and sell your product.  That is where we come in, Private Label, and Contract Manufacturing, services can save your company by getting you back into the business of selling your product, rather than making your product. 


At Ingredients To Die For our Customer Service philosophy is simple ... our customer is the back bone of our company and our employees are second only to our customers, not to our management.  We understand that when our customer has a need, they should be met with courtesy, and competence.  Our staff goes out of their way, each and every day, to satisfy the needs of our customers because we go out of our way, each and every day, to make sure that our employees are treated fairly, and with respect, in all situations, so that it can trickle down to our customer.  At Ingredients To Die For we know that our customer's success, is our success, and we keep that thought in the foreground, at all times, to make sure that every shopping experience, with us, is one of value and pleasure.   


Whether your company ...

    • makes its own products, and has a need for top quality ingredients
    • has grown too large, or too busy, to make its own products and has a need for high quality bases
    • has grown too busy to produce it's own products and has a need for contracted manufacturing

Ingredients To Die For is here for you with ...

  • top quality ingredients
  • cutting edge technology
  • high performance natural alternatives
  • premium bases…from baby bathing to anti aging serums

Ingredients To Die For is here to help you, and your small business, succeed in today’s highly competitive personal care market