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Cetyl Esters NF

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Cetyl Esters NF

Cetyl Esters Wax offers an easy way to increase the viscosity (thickness) of your creams and lotions while also improving the feel. There is some confusion about the naturalness of this material because it is referred to as a synthetic Spermaceti Wax. Spermaceti Wax is waxy liquid harvested from Whales, and when the industry realized that there was a demand for a more friendly approach they created the synthetic alternative, Cetyl Esters Wax, which is natural wax produced from coconut.


  • cream white granule / flake
  • characteristic waxy odor
  • oil, water, and alcohol, soluble
  • melt point 109 to 117F
  • store tightly sealed, protected from direct heat and sunlight
  • 24 month shelf when stored, and handled, properly


  • 1 to 3%
  • add to oil phase
  • use at lower levels to avoid excessive stiffness
  • allow two days for full set up to see final viscosity of formulations using Cetyl Esters


  • Improved Stability
  • Rheology Modification
  • Cushiony Glide
  • Increased Viscosity
  • Velvet Touch
  • Vegan alternative to Beexwax

NOTE: Be sure to allow some time in testing, new, formulations when you incorporate Cetyl Esters because they can take up to two days to fully thicken so, you'll need to allow for this set up time to see the final formulation viscosity.

INCI: Cetyl Esters Wax NF

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