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Contract Manufacturing

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Contract manufacturing is a service that you can use to have us produce a product based on your supplied formula or to have us develop skin care, bath, body, and hair care formulas specific to your needs. With contract manufacturing we may develop the formulas and produce the product. This is determined on a case by case basis. It will also fall under contract manufacturing if you ask us to remove ingredients from a 'cosmetic base' being offered through the website. If you just want ingredients added to a cosmetic base then what will, usually, fall under 'product customization'.

The cost for contract manufacturing is determined by the complexity of the desired formula. Our committee will determine the estimated cost on a case by case basis. The estimated cost is referred to as R&D (Research & Development) and all contract manufacturing projects will reflect the current R&D hourly rate. This cost can only be estimated once we have a clear idea of what your formulas require. The more clear you are in your instructions the lower the cost. All time involved in developing the formulas will be considered R&D, which will include but is not limited to: communication time; ingredient procurement, including time in sourcing, as well as any research to determine efficacy, safety, and suitability; in house testing to determine suitability and compliance to criteria; all lab time ...

All R&D will be paid in advance of any work being done on the project. All product prices are determined only once the formulations have been finalized. The cost of the final products will be determined by a combination of the labor and cost of materials. If you require pricing of final products prior to finalization and the R&D being completed then the cost will be two hours of R&D and the given price will be based solely on calculations of the proposed formulation and the price may change once the formulation is finalized. You will have exclusive use of any contract and / or custom items only for as long as the item is ordered within any 12 month period. All prices will be re-evaluated every 12 months. You may elect to purchase the formula. The cost to receive sole or joint ownership of the formula will be determined on a case by case basis. Except where the formulas have been purchased from Ingredients To Die For the sole rights and use of the formulas will remain the property of Ingredients To Die For. When you supply formulas then the rights to the formula will remain yours though you give us specific rights to produce the formula for sale to you only. If the formula is modified then any and all knowledge gained and / or utilized and / or intellectual property gained and / or utilized in any and all modifications will remain the exclusive property of Ingredients To Die For.

In all cases Ingredients To Die for will only accept those projects where we are confidant in a positive outcome because successful development can not be guaranteed, only best effort is guaranteed. Contracted products will only be sampled to the customer when the product meets with our established criteria, which will be based on information communicated to us at the time of project set up. The sampling of contracted products, for approval, will be limited to two samples without additional R&D costs. It is crucial that all aspects of a successful product development be communicated at the time of set up, which will include: ingredient requirements; ingredient restrictions; aesthetic and packaging requirements; ingredient handling or procurement. If there is a minor modification we will make the change, produce another sample, and sent it to you for approval. A minor change is defined as a maximum of three ingredient changes and will only include simple changes such as: scent level; viscosity; color ... If the first sample requires more R&D than would be anticipated to make simple changes then additional R&D will apply. It is crucial that you have a clear direction for your products and that you communicate that direction to us, making sure that there is a clear understanding of your needs. Most projects are completed within the two samples included. We do have great success with our Contract Manufacturing services.

All contract manufacturing projects, and all communication related to the project, must be done up via email so that everything is in writing. The first step is to send us an email with your project direction and any restricted / desired ingredients. We do not take on projects that use synthetic ingredients, petro chemicals, or hazardous ingredients. We only work with plant based natural colors and fragrance. Once we have agreed to accept your contract and / or custom project then we will load the item onto the website and you will order the R&D through the website. You will need to send us a reply to your order confirmation, for the R&D fees, which must include a copy of this language to indicate your agreement to the terms.

Ingredients To Die For does not maintain inventory of any contracted or customized products. There is a standard two week lead time for all contracted and customized product processing. We do not back order a contract and / or custom item. If you place an order with a combination of contract and / or custom items along with other items then the entire order will be held to ship together. Contract and / or custom items may only be cancelled without fees if they are cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order. After 24 hours there will be a 50% restocking fee for any cancelled contract and / or custom items. When a contract and / or custom item is ordered and then cancelled, at any time, exclusive use of those items will be forfeit.

Contract Manufacturing sample feedback must be communicated within 12 months of sampling.
Product modification requests must be communicated within 12 months of sampling.
All Contract Manufactured product prices are subject to review every 12 months.
All Contract Manufactured products will be de-activated with 12 months of inactivity.
When any Contract Manufacturing project has been de-activated there may be additional R&D costs to re-evaluate and / or re-activate.

With contract and / or custom development we do not place any emphasis on speed. If your need is urgent we will not be a suitable option. You can expect that all contract manufacturing products will take approximately 12 to 16 weeks. This can be expedited however, your company will bear the actual cost of expediting the project, which will include any labor shifts to get it done in your time frame so if that means a team working round the clock to finish within the allotted time then that will be added to your cost.

When you choose to utilize the Ingredients To Die For Contract Manufacturing services to develop or produce formulas it is important that you understand that you are paying for the service, not the product. By entering into the agreement you are agreeing to pay for the service regardless of the outcome.

Current R&D minimum: $465.00 per hour

Contract Manufacturing

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