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Dimethicone 1000

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Dimethicone 1000 is a medium viscosity, light silicone oil, derived from sand and quartz. Though Dimethicone is a light silicone it is not water soluble and should be used sparingly in rinse off hair care products and not, at all, in leave in hair products.

Dimethicone,included at even small amounts, is known as one of the best ingredients to provide a hydrophobic barrier to the skin where it can assist in slowing the skin's moisture loss to improve hydration and moisture.

Dimethicone is commonly used to improve the slip and glide of bath and body products which provides an easy solution for heavier, tacky creams and lotions. Also a great addition to anhydrous products to reduce greasiness and improve flow.

Dimethicone imparts softness, lubricity and emolliency to formulations as it reduces whitening, soaping and tack during rub-in.

Appearance: Clear to Hazy* Slightly Viscous Liquid Gel
Odor: Characteristic
Solubility: Oil Miscible
Storage: Tightly Sealed / Protected from Heat, Cold, Air, Direct Sun
Shelf: 24mos. when Properly Stored / Handled
* Clarity will vary with temperature


Add to Oil Phase or at Cool Down
Usage Rate: 0.5% to 5.0%

INCI: Dimethicone

Usage Rate: 0.5% to 5.0%

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