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Monoi de Tahiti

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Monoi de Tahiti is a Gardenia scented coconut oil from Tahiti. Monoi de Tahiti is hand crafted in accordance with strict guidelines in order to be given the certification of origin. In Tahiti they have one beauty treatment, Monoi de Tahiti, and it is used for hair care, skin care and body care.

Monoi de Tahiti leaves the hair and the skin beautifully scented with the delicate fragrance of Tahitian Gardenia. According to tradition, and as has been carried out for generations, they take open Gardenia flowers and immerse them into virgin Coconut oil, crafted by hand and with the care that nature deserves, leaving them to infuse their scent and fat soluble attributes into the Coconut Oil, which they then remove and replace up to 12 times depending on the extraction. The result is a Coconut Oil with a wonderful Gardenia fragrance that is also a powerful treatment for the skin...leaving it soft and supple, and the hair...leaving it lustrous and shiny. This is not a strong fragrance, but a lingering delicate floral fragrance that will leave you, and those around you, wanting more.

Our Monoi de Tahiti is certified authentic by the Official Tahitian Monoi Institute. This certification guarantees that the Monoi de Tahiti that you purchase from us is produced in accordance with the Tahitian tradition, not only for the selection of the beautiful Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) flowers but also for the virgin Coconut Oil that it will be infused into...the result...one of the loveliest oils available. Head to toe pampering just as it is or used in formulation. Monoi de Tahiti is one of the most adulterated materials on the market, tainted with everything from synthetic Gardenia fragrance oil to nature identical Gardenia fragrance oil and even other fragrance oils. The true Monoi de Tahiti is soft, subtle and lingering. At 10% in formulation it will scent the entire batch with it's delicate aroma though, very light.

For a wonderful perfume oil just melt 10% Monoi de Tahiti with Caprylic Capric Triglycerides and put it into a roll on bottle. People will be leaning over your shoulder to get a better whiff, it's that lovely.

Appearance: Off White Non Viscous to Soft Solid (depending on the temperature)
Odor: Characteristic Low Gardenia and Coconut
Solubility: Oil
Storage: Cool, Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Freezing / Air / Moisture
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled


Usage: 5.0 to 100%
Processing: Add to Oil Phase

  • all hair care
  • all body care
  • all skin care

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