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Revitalizing Cream

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An advanced, gel type, cream designed for prematurely aged, and mature, skin types. The signs of aging skin are not just about wrinkles as skin, of any age, can be wrinkled. The true give aways to aging skin are lack lustre skin tone, sagging skin, and dehydrated skin. Just the things that this formula is designed to address with; MSM for collagen synthesis to improve the supportive structure of skin, Creatine tobuild elasticity and VegeMoist to rehydrate and build moisture reserves, and of course Allantoin to clarify the delicate skin of the face and neck.

Want to turn this into a, more cost effective, body lotion? That's very easy to do:

1. Replace Creatine with glycerin
2. Replace Rosehip Oil with Shea Butter
3. Replace Kukui Nutwith Apricot Kernel Oil
4. Replace the Emulpro with EWax
5. Add 3% Stearic Acid or 1.5% of each Stearic Acid and Cetyl Esters
6. Remove 3% from the water phase to account for the Stearic Acid and/or Cetyl Esters

Follow instructions as in the original formula and that's it...now you have a fantastic body lotion without the expense of the lighter oils, emulsifiers and active which were specifically chosen for the fragile face and neck area where you have to be careful not toweigh down the skin and encourage sag or droop.


Phase A:

Make Formula
100 g
61.5% Distilled or Purified Water
7.0% Green Tea Extract
0.5% Allantoin
10.0% MSM
5.0% Creatine
5.0% VegeMoist
1.5% Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate
Phase B:
3.0% Emulpro
3.0% Jojoba
2.0% Kukui
1.0% Rosehip Seed Oil
Phase C:
0.5% Essential Oil Blend #502

Phase A:
Combine at room temperature, with high shear mixing, then heat to 170 degrees.

Phase B:
Combine and heat to 170 degrees. Once the emulsifier is melted and this is at proper temperature add Phase A while mixingwith a stick blender. Cool to 110.

Phase C:
Combineand mix well, making sure that the allantion is dissolved as thoroughly as possible to avoid lumps in your finished cream. Add to cooled Phase B while mixingwith a stick blender.

* Essential Oil #502:
7 Lavender - healing
1 Sandalwood - moisturizing
1 patchouli - repairing

NOTE:: This formula is based on weight not volume, if you make it based on volume then your formula may not come out right. You should always run a 100 to 500 gramtest batch before making at production level. This formula will take up to 24 hours for final thickness.

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