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Shine & Hydrate Fortifying Spray Conditioner

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Add new life, and lustre, to your hair with our new Shine & Hydrate Fortifying Spray Conditioner.

This conditioner is a natural, vitamin and mineral tonic that is designed to restore vital nutrients for hydration, volume, lustre, shine, smoothness and damage repair. If you struggle with hair that tangles for no reason, is dull, lifeless, flat and hard to manage, our Shine & Hydrate Fortifying Spray Conditioner is the product that you've been looking for. Spritz onto hair for instant lustre, and body, for beautiful bouncy hair.

Offered in a light, easy to use, liquid form for easy application. Holds fragrance exceptionally well and true so that you can use about a quarter of what you're used to.


  • aloe and creatine for enhanced circulation and a healthy scalp
  • beet and corn sugar to hydrate the hair at the core
  • sea salt for volume
  • panthenol for lustre, volume and damage repair
  • algae extract, high in carotenes, for natural shine and cuticle smoothing
  • creatine for volume, cuticle smoothing and softness
  • oat protein for fullness and softness
  • silk protein for lustre, body and manageability
  • Natural preservative also adds softness


  • light golden clear non viscous liquid
  • characteristic odor
  • pH 5.5 - 6.0
  • being mixing high shear and add fragrance continuing to mix until incorporated
  • start with a small amount of fragrance which will be very strong due to the base ingredients, we recommend 0.1%
  • if additional fragrance is needed add incrementally, mixing well between additions, to determine the threshold for your particular fragrance

To Use: Spray onto damp, or dry, hair. Comb to distribute, or scrunch to tighten curl. Style as usual. Mist throughout the day to freshen style and feed the hair and scalp with vitamins, minerals and hydration.

INCI: ORG Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, EcoCert Trimethylglycine (Beta vulgaris (Beet)) Sugar Extract, EcoCert Propanediol (Corn) Sugar Fermentation, Sodium Chloride, Dunaliella salina (Algae) Extract, Panthenol (ProVitamin B5), Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein, EcoCert Gluconolactone, Hydrolyzed Avena sativa (Oat) Protein, Creatine, EcoCert Sodium Benzoate

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