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Smoothing Shine Serum

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Serums! The hottest products on the market right now …and SO easy to create. Any product labeled “serum” is sure to fly off the shelves, …especially one as effective as this! In this preparation, use Cyclomethicone or Alkyl Esters as the base for the serum. It provides the deep conditioning effects of dimethiconol with the spreading efficiency of cyclomethicone in a high viscosity blend. Cyclo/Dimeth blends are regularly sold (with no other additives) as Anti-Frizz serums, and can go for upwards of $19 per ounce (for two minute production time)! Here, we decided to go one better and add PDM 20 to boost shine! The result is smooth, shiny, gorgeous locks with no frizz, no flyaway's. Ready?


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
90% Cyclomethicone or Alkyl Ester
10% Wacker-Belsil PDM20

Processing Instructions:

Phase A: Stir to combine. Add fragrance if desired.

Usage Instructions:

Apply liberally to hair starting at the ends and working upwards.

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