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VegeSilk is a, 100% vegetable derived, inter-esterification of specific short, and long chain, fatty acids, of palm oil, with glycerol. This inter-esterification creates a sensorial agent that imparts richness, and creaminess, to your emulsions, and balms. VegeSilk will improve the glide, of your products, while creating a pleasant melting sensation, and a very smooth application, that has presence as it spreads across the skin. VegeSilk offers comfort during, and after application, with no greasiness or tackiness.

VegeSilk is a great addition to all of your emulsions and is also great for all of your oil based sticks, and balms, where it will help to stabilize your anhydrous products and make them softer, and smoother, with a pleasant silky feel on the skin. VegeSilk is a fantastic addition to lip balms, where it offers a super smooth glide, without drag, while improving oxidative stability.

VegeSilk is a texturizing agent that can be used to control the hardness, and tack, of natural massage balms and oils, where it increases the slip time with a pleasant melting feel on the skin.

VegeSilk can be the solution for any of those products that just don't feel as nice as you'd like them to, especially the all natural products that absorb so fast that the skin feels dry shortly after application.


  • off white pellet
  • oil soluble
  • melts at 95 to 97F
  • store tightly sealed and away from air, heat and moisture
  • 3 year shelf when properly stored and handled
  • HLB-R 8.5


  • 2.0 to 5.0% in emulsions, balms, salves
  • 5.0 to 10.0% in sticks, lip care
  • add to the oil phase


  • natural products
  • products with green claims
  • products to reduce oiliness / greasiness
  • facial / body care
  • baby care products
  • sensitive care product
  • creams, lotions
  • conditioners (rinse off and leave in)
  • fragrance products
  • salves, balms, scrubs

* RSPO Supply Chain Certified - Ingredients To Die For's VegeSilk is RSPO Supply Chain Certified and compliant with established guidelines for sustainable practices - click here to find out more about it

INCI: Hydrogenated Palm (and) Palm Kernel Glycerides
EcoCert, NPA, RSPO*

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