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Vitamin E MT-50 FCC USP

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Vitamin E MT-50 FCC USP is a natural blend of d-alpha, d-gamma, d-delta and d-beta tocopherols. While all tocopherols offer excellent free radical protection, it is the gamma tocopherol that offers the highest anti-oxidant activity. Vitamin E MT-50 FCC USP offers a broader range of anti-oxidant protection that d-alpha tocopherol alone.

Vitamin E MT-50 FCC USP is an excellent addition to your anhydrous oils, and scrubs, where it will protect them from rancidity and naturally extend their shelf life. Also makes a great addition to your more delicate oils. Just .02% added to those oils will extend their shelf life by approximately 6 months. Try a little in your Wheatgerm or Evening Primrose and you'll be thrilled with how much longer they will last before going rancid.


  • Dark Amber Viscous Liquid
  • Characteristic Fatty Odor
  • Oil Soluble
  • Store Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat, Light, and Air
  • 3 Year Shelf when Properly Handled and Stored
Average tocopherol breakdown:
total >=900gm/mg
d- <=100gm/mg
d-+ >=450gm/mg
d- >=225gm/mg


  • .02 to 1.0%
  • Added to the Oil Phase or at Cool Down


  • Bath and Body Oils
  • Emulsions
  • Carrier Oils
  • All Anhydrous Formulations
  • Natural Protection
  • Anti-Oxidant Protection
  • Skin Healing Products

INCI: Tocopherol Oil, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Oil

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