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Cupuacu Butter

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Cupuacu Butter, from the Rain Forest, is prized for its rich content of; phytosterols to benefit dry, damaged skin, polyphenols to combat free radicals in the tissues, and fatty acids to protect and moisturize. It's a butter that performs like the actives, delivering true healing, and restructuring benefits, to the skin as it improves the skin's moisture barrier and offers true hydration for improved elasticity and anti-inflammatory activity.

Cupuacu Butter is a good, plant, alternative to lanolin, offering the capacity to attract 240% more water allowing it to function much more effectively as a skin hydrator and plumper.

Though it's not recognized as an SPF, Cupuacu Butter is well known for it's ability to absorb damaging UVA / UVB rays for natural sun protection.

Cupuacu Butter, used In formulation, is high enough in fatty acids to improve emulsion stability, while offering thickness, without stiffness. Perfect for all of your bath and body products.


  • Anti-Oxidants Protect against Environmental Damage
  • Restructuring Activity on Tissues
  • Natural Sun Protection
  • Improves Skin Moisture Levels
  • Improved Elasticity
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • creams and lotions: 2 to 5%
  • salves and balms: 2 to 20%
  • w/o body butters and creams: 2 to 10%
  • conditioners: 1 to 3%


  • anti aging products
  • skin care creams, lotions, scrubs
  • bath and body creams, lotions, scrubs
  • sun protection products
  • lip products
  • hair / scalp conditioners


Appearance: Light Tan / Non-Brittle / Butter / Fat Shavings
Odor: Characteristic / High / Fatty
Solubility: Oil Miscible
Storage: Tightly Sealed / Protected from Heat / Light
Shelf: 30 Months Properly Handled / Stored

TIPS:: Cupuacu Butter contains about 38% stearic acid ... if you wanted to clean up your label you could use it instead of stearic acid so, if your formula calls for 2% stearic acid you would use 5.27% Cupuacu Butter and you would be getting the same 2% stearic acid (2 / .38 = 5.27%) but you would be adding a host of other benefits, including skin protection and moisture, while improving your product's label appeal.


All butters should be handled, and stored, with the same, preventative, care that you would use for your oils or any other precious material as they are just as fragile.

As we know that excessive, and repeated exposure to, heat is damaging to the quality, of the butters, we do not heat them to pour them into jars for shipping. All of our butters are scraped, shaved or scooped, as needed to package them into jars, without applying heat. Because of this practice butters will always be packed into a container that is, roughly twice the size, of the melted butter. This means that if you order 16oz (1lb) of shea butter it will be packed into a 32oz (2lb) container as it requires twice the space. We would rather spend a little more for the package, in this case, than jeopardize the integrity, and quality, of the butter. If you receive your butter in a warmed condition, due to transit, the container will appear to be less than full. This is normal, and expected, as they are packaged by weight, not by volume.

INCI: Theobroma grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Butter

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