Natural Oils with known Aphrodisiac Properties

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In the world of Aromatherapy there are many valuable essential oils that are used to affect a definite impact on different systems, within the body. These essential oils, are the life blood of the plant, and are created, and used, by the plant to achieve very specific goals, necessary for the plant to survive, and thrive, in it's environment. If it is in close proximity to the sun it will create the chemicals necessary to help it absorb those powerful UV rays, and re-emit them as heat, to avoid being damaged (injured). If it requires UV rays, to thrive (as do citrus fruits) they will create the chemical that attracts these powerful rays, in order to thrive (ripen). This list goes on, and on. Plants are amazing in what they can do, through the development of chemicals, to help themselves. In Aromatherapy, we capitolize on those chemicals, and their activity, by utilizing them in all manner of applications, and products, to benefit our own ability to thrive, in our own environment.

Though there are many uses, for these chemicals, from detoxing, to fighting respiratory ailments, to calming you before an interview or test, to stimulating you to stay awake during a long drive ... this page is about Aphrodisiacs. There are several plants that create chemicals that attract, and seduce. The tobacco plant, being over run by the worms, creates a chemical that attracts the moth that eats the worms ... how amazing is that!? There are several essential oils (CO2 extracts, and absolutes, being included here for simplicity of this topic though they are not the same) that we can use to attract the opposite sex. They can be very powerful, even intoxicating, on our phsyche, and physical state.

Those that are well known for their aphrodisiac activity are:

Pick, and choose, from these oils, complimenting their fragrance with small amounts of other oils, to build your favorite sensual blend, spray your linens, or the air, with your love potion ... dim the lights ... start the soft music ... and you'll go a lot further at creating that perfect, romantic, evening than you would with a fragrance candle burning in the background.

If you don't want to create your own blend, you can choose one from our line of Aphrodisiac Blends below ::

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