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SO YOU CAN SLEEP OIL :: add to your favorite bath and body products to help you drift off to dream land ... you can also add this blend to your diffuser about 10 minutes before bedtime ... close the doors so that the fragrance can fill the room ... if you don't have a diffuser you can make your own linen spritz by adding 3% of the blend to cyclomethicone or isopropyl alcohol and spray your pillows, the sheets and the air ... spray everything down then close the door for about 5 minutes and let the scent fill the air ...

4 Rosewood (Bois De Rose)
2 Marjoram Sweet
2 Lavender Angustifolia
2 Mandarin Red

Proportions are only suggestions and you may alter them to suit your taste, or budget. Keep in mind that to maintain the efficacy of the blend you should keep the ratios similar.

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