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Super Detangling & Bodying Conditioner

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This exceptional product is economical to produce and utilizes a combination of Dimethicone 1000 and Cyclomethicone for cuticle coating that won't weigh down the hair. Wheat Germ Oil nourishes with natural Vitamin E, while BTMS and Cetearyl Alcohol provide excellent wet and dry combability. The suggested essential oil blend offers the product a light floral fragrance or you may substitute another of our essential oil blends.

The limited number of ingredients in this simple but effective formula make this an excellent choice for beginners or skilled formulators alike. This formula has a skill rating of Experienced.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
86% Purified Water
Phase B
2.5% BTMS Emulsifying Conditioner
2.5% Cetearyl Alcohol 30/70
5% Cyclomethicone
1% Dimethicone 1000
1% WheatGerm Oil
Phase C
1% Optiphen Plus
1% AT292 Floral Dream


1. Combine Phase A and heat to 170f.
2. Combine Phase B and heat to 170f.
3. Pour A into Pour B with high shear mixing.
4. When cooled to 110f, add Phase C.

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