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Vena Volumizing Rinse

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Vena Volumizing Rinse :: A silky feeling cream rinse that also offers a conditioned feel to the hair while improving the appearance of shine and thickness. Panthenol offers lustre and detangling. Dead Sea Salts offer glide and volume. BTMS and PolyQuat 10 offer cationic conditioning without heavy build up.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
81.8% Purified Water
2.0% Panthenol
0.5% PolyQuat 10LR
1.3% Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate
Phase B
3% BTMS Conditioner
3% Cyclomethicone*
Phase C
2.0% Quinoa Protein*
0.2% Tetrasodium EDTA
3% Organicals Fresh & Firm
3% Dead Sea Salts


1. Combine A, mixing high shear, to dissolve powders, then hydrate 45 minutes in room temp water.
2. Combine B, mix well, and heat to 170F.
3. Heat A to 170F.
4. Pour B into A slowly with high shear mixing.
5. When cooled to 110F, add C sequentially while mixing.
6. Mix occasionally until cooled to room temp.

*If you prefer to make this without the silicone then substitute NatureSilk at the same amount for the Cyclonethicone and Baobab Protein at the same amount for the Quinoa Protein. Keep the Baobab in the cool down phase but add the NatureSilk to the water phase.

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