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EmulSoft  is the 100% vegetable derived esterification of glycerols and palm stearic acid.  This esterification creates a water in oil emulsifier with a fantastic capability to incorporate vegetable oils into water, up to 15%, with a dry powdery after feel with no greasiness or tackiness. 

EmulSoft is the perfect solution for all of your natural products including those for sensitive, and delicate, skin. 

EmulSoft is a stand alone emulsifier that may be used to create textures from fluid lotion to thick creams, with the addition of fatty alcohols such as Cetearyl Alcohol.  To improve the heat stability you may also combine with the natual polymers, such as xanthan gum and cellulose or other modified starches.


  • golden brown / tan pellets
  • oil soluble
  • non-nionic
  • melts at 118F
  • store tightly sealed and away from heat
  • 2 year shelf when properly stored and handled
  • HLB 5.5


  • 4.0 to 6.0%
  • add to the oil phase
  • maintain neutral, to base, formulation pH (5.5 to 10)
  • avoid cationics
  • add gelifying agents (polymers) to improve heat stabilization
  • mix with high agitation


  • natural products
  • products with green claims
  • products to reduce oiliness / greasiness
  • facial / body care
  • baby care products
  • sensitive care product
  • creams, lotions
  • conditioners (rinse off and leave in)
  • fragrance products
  • salves, balms, scrubs

INCI: Polyglyceryl-6 Distearate
EcoCert, NPA


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