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BHA Manicure Recipe

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This incredibly easy one minute manicure formula is perfect product for your male or female clients. The gentle Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid) offers extra exfoliation and skin cell turnover. Wonderful for hands and feet or all over the body! Use salt or Sugar as you like. Mango Butter is said to reduce degeneration of cells and restore skin flexibility. Polysorbate 80 makes the oils water dispersable, while silica reduces greasiness and gels the oils so the scrub doesnt leak out of the container. The addition of Liquid Shea and Olive Squalane make this a skin healing delight while Meadowfoam Seed Oil adds a plethora of long chain fatty acids, and increased product stability. Tetrasodium EDTA is added as a co-preservative because we used a nonionic emulsifier (Poly 80). Easy proceedure with some advanced ingredients gives this formula a skill level of Experienced.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
9.75% Mango Butter
5% Liquid Shea
21% Meadowfoam Seed Oil
9% Olive Squalane
Phase B
2% Salicylic Acid
1% Essential Oil Blends
Phase C
5% Polysorbate 80
1% Liquipar PE
0.25% Tetrasodium EDTA
Phase D
9% Silica Gel
37% Dead Sea Salts or Sugar


1. Melt Mango and combine well with A.
2. Add B with high shear mixing (stick blender).
3. Add C and mix well.
4. Add silica slowly, with good mixing.
5. Stir in salt or sugar.

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