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VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside)

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VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside) is a natural, vegetable based, emulsifier derived from plant sugars and fatty acids.

VegeMulse, (Cetearyl Glucoside) is one of the most efficient and low use of the natural emulsifiers. With its low requirement of up to only 1.5%* in creams and lotions the oil phase is freed up for the addition of more emollients and actives giving you more control and optimal label appeal. Your creams and lotions will be elegant with plenty of glide while they leave the skin soft and smooth.

VegeMulse, (Cetearyl Glucoside) is also one of the best choices when you want to work with only one emulsifier for multiple applications. You can create everything from sprayable lotions and waters to ultra rich and thick creams.

Some important points to keep in mind when formulating with VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside).
  • VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside) is a non-ionic emulsifier
  • VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside) is EcoCert compliant
  • VegeMulse (Cetearyl Glucoside) can perform as a stand alone emulsifier
    • Add additional thickeners to create high viscosity creams
  • VegeMulse will produce elegant emulsions


Appearance: White to Off White Powder
Odor: Characteristic
Process: Water Phase / Oil into Water
Storage: Cool, Tightly Closed, Protected from Heat / Moisture / Freezing
Shelf: 18 mos. Properly Stored / Handled

  • 0.5 to 1.5
  • add to the water phase with stirring then homogenize
    • for lotions total 10 to 25% oil phase (for optimal stability)
    • for creams* total 20 to 35% oil phase (for optimal stability)
  • take both phases to 180F
  • maintain full and efficient stirring during cooling
  • incorporate any pH adjusters below 93F
  • additional thickeners recommended for thick creams

* Cost Comparison to Make 16oz Lotion (column 4 is assuming you purchase the smallest size possible
to produce your batch of 16oz Lotion)

Emulsifier Standard Use in Lotion QS for 16oz Batch Size to Make 1 Batch Purchase Cost Cost Per oz Cost of Material for Batch
BTMS 4% .64oz 1oz $2.53 $2.53 $1.62
EmulSoft 4% .64oz 1oz $4.04 $4.04 $2.59
NatureMulse 7% 1.12oz 8oz $5.25 $0.66 $0.74
VegeMulse 0.5% 0.08oz 1oz $5.26 $5.26 $0.42

  • sprayable lotions and waters
  • fragrance sprays / pomades
  • creams and lotions
  • shaving products
  • after sun products
  • baby products
  • perfuming
Try our VegeCream Recipe for a super easy lotion that you can whip together very quickly.

Read and understand the MSDS prior to working with this or any material
Employ standard lab safety procedures.

INCI: Cetearyl Glucoside
EcoCert Compliant

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