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Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (SLL)

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Our Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate is ECOCERT certified.

Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate is a natural, food grade, emulsifiers derived from the sodium salt of lactic acid.

Offering unsurpassed skin moisturization, and smooth feel on application, this is the emulsifier of choice for all of your natural products.  Particularly suitable for your cleansing products.  Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate is a great foamer if your formulation is developed for that purpose.

Due to their sodium backbone the lactylates are able to penetrate the top dead layers of skin to offer:

  • residual moisturization
  • extended fragrance release
  • enhanced delivery of actives

Some important product points to keep in mind when formulating with the lactylates.

  • unlike stand alone emulsifiers there is are no thickening properties
  • unlike the more common surfactants they will not respond to sodium
  • the lactylate are non-ionic and are therefore incompatible with cationics
    • do not use with the cationic proteins (protein plus's)
    • do not use with conditioning guar which is also cation


  • off white solid paste
  • water soluble
  • store dry, away from moisture
  • stable for 3yrs when stored / used properly
  • HLBV 14.4


  • 1.5 to 3.0% in emulsions,
  • 10.0 to 30% in surfactant systems
  • add to the water phase *
  • additional thickeners required
    • 2.0 to 3.0% cetyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol
  • co-emulsifiers recommended for optimal stability
    • 1.5 to 2.5% glyceryl stearate
    • 2.0 to 2.8% myristyl myristate
    • combine with equal Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate for optimal stability and elegance
  • additional surfactants recommended for optimal foam (formulate for total 30.0 to 40.0 total actives)
    • 10.0 to 30.0% polyclucose lactylate blend
    • 10.0 to 30.0% decyl glucoside


  • shaving creams
  • baby wash
  • face wash
  • laundry products
  • fragrance sprays / pomades
  • perfuming

*  employ adequate measures to avoid breathing in vapor while processing

INCI: Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate

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