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Body Polish Recipe (non leaking)

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Body Polish (non leaking)::

This is the original revolutionary non leaking scrub recipe. No more leaking jars! Basic ingredients, detailed instructions, plus easy procedure gives this formula a skill level of Beginner. If you put this together and would like it to be thicker increase the Silica Gel, if you want it thinner decrease the Silica Gel.


Phase A

Load Formula
100 g
27% Caprylic Capric Triglycerides
5% Avocado Oil
5% Meadowfoam Seed Oil
5% Wheat Germ Oil
1% Golden Jojoba
8% Silica Gel
1% Essential Oil Blends
1% Optiphen Plus
47% Dead Sea Salts

This is sooo easy and sooo good!
Just combine oils, fragrance, & preservative in a mixing bowl or large plastic butter tub. Add Silica Gel and mix with a hand or stand mixer till the Silica is completely mixed in and the oil has turned to a gel consistency. Just stir in your salt and it is ready to package in any container you prefer. You can add more salt or less per you personal preference. You can substitute any oils or combination of oils to your liking. Use what oils you have on hand and see how they feel. This is one you can tweak to make it your own unique product. Each oil has a different feel and benefit. I might use Borage and change from salt to sugar for a great facial scrub for mature skin. Get the idea?

White or brown sugar may be substituted for the salt, if you wish. Want an even thicker product?

Typical usage rate for Silica in scrubs is 8 to 10%.

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