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Natural Skin Like Silk Body Balm

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This formula is developed to offer a wonderfully easy way to keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. To keep it 100% natural we've incorporated our new VegeCide natural preservative.

A host of fantastic natural ingredients to compliment any natural line, utilizing:
Cupuacu Butter to feed the skin with nutrients and contribute hardness
Avocado Oil to nurture the skin
Jojoba Oil for it's affinity to human lipids
Grapeseed Oil for it's complete absorption
Argan Oil to feed the skin with vitamins and nutrients
EmulSoft for a powdery after feel
VegeSilk for a smooth feel on the skin and a silky glide
VegeCide to preserve it naturally while locking in moisture

This wonderful combination creates a gel like oil that will coat the skin in silkiness and moisture, leaving it powdery soft. This will fully absorb within just a few minutes, once you make this you'll never want to be without it.

For best results use this in the shower, before drying. You'll see the gel turn white as it emulsifies with the water, on your skin, turning into a lotion. Be sure to maintain solid footing as this may make your shower floor slick.

You can also turn this into a fantastic scrub by incorporating your favorite exfoliant.

You may also add up to 10% liquid extracts, or water soluble ingredients, at cool down. Remember to increase your preservative amount if you take the formula to over 100%.

Very basic formulating technique with easy to use ingredients make this formula skill level Beginner.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
10% Cupuacu Butter (Emollient / Thickener)
6% VegeSilk (Emollient / Feel Modifier)
6% EmulSoft (Emulsifier / Feel Modifier)
Phase B
35% Avocado Oil (Emollient)
20% Grapeseed Oil (Emollient)
20% Jojoba Oil (Emollient)
1% Argan Oil (Emollient)
1% VegeCide (Preservative)
Phase C
1% AT119 Summer Fruit(Natural Fragrance)


1. Combine A and heat to melt. Stir to combine.
2. Combine B and add to melted phase A. Cool to 110F.
3. Add phase C when cool*. Stir to combine.
*Add up to 20% of natural exfoliants, if desired.

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