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Sloughing Foot Scrub

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You will think you have new feet!! Ready for sandals?? You will be now! Basic ingredients, detailed instructions, plus easy proceedure gives this formula a skill level of Beginner.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
20.7% Coconut 76 Oil
3.4% Wheat Germ Oil
3.4% Apricot Kernel Oil
8.0% Jojoba Oil
2.0% Polysorbate 80
1.0% VegeCide
Phase B
9.5% Silica Gel
Phase C
51.0% Apricot Seed Powder
1.0% Essential Oil of choice


1. Melt Coconut and liquid oils and polysorbate 80.
2. Add Phase B slowly with good mixing.
3. When Silica Gel is well incorpated and oils are gelled, stir in Apricot Seed Powder.

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